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Decision Resources Group
Burlington, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Decision Resources Group companies include the best-in-class market research and advisory services firms that concentrate on specific aspects of the healthcare industry. Each company is the premier provider in their unique space offering high-value products and services that are vital resources for clients making critical business decisions.
Our portfolio of brands include:

Abacus International

Abacus International was founded in 1995. Our services have evolved over time to meet the increasing need for health economic and evidence based solutions; our vast experience across a wide range of disease areas is second to none. Learn More

Arlington Medical Resources Inc. (AMR)

Vital Clinical Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

Arlington Medical Resources (AMR) serves the market intelligence needs of the pharmaceutical and diagnostic imaging industries. With offices in Malvern, PA and Brussels, Belgium and affiliates in Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai, AMR publishes syndicated audits for the United States, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Japan and Korea. Learn More


Vital Specialized Biopharmaceutical Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

BioTrends Research Group provides syndicated and custom market research to pharmaceutical manufacturers competing in clinically evolving, specialty pharmaceutical markets. Learn More

Decision Resources

Vital Biopharmaceutical Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

Decision Resources provides in-depth research on the trends, emerging developments and market potential of the drug industry. Large pharmaceutical companies as well as startup biotechs turn to Decision Resources for the information they need to license, market and compete. Decision Resources offers research publications and advisory and consulting services. Using both primary and secondary resources, the company's highly credentialed in-house staff studies surveys and data, and conduct interviews with physicians to determine the status of a variety of diseases and drugs.  Learn More

DRG Analytics


The Future of Life Science and Biopharma is the ability to harmonize, analyze and integrate data into the decision making workflows. DRG Analytics leverages best in class methodology, talent, and technology to solve data-driven questions.  Learn More

Fingertip Formulary

Vital Formulary Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

Fingertip Formulary maintains the highest quality and most comprehensive, integrated database of formulary information in the United States, covering virtually all commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and PBM plans. Fingertip Formulary's services allow pharmaceutical executives, including brand teams, and sales professionals to leverage managed care formulary information as a significant and competitive advantage. Learn More

Vital Managed Care Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts 

HealthLeaders-InterStudy is the authoritative source for managed care data and analysis. HealthLeaders-InterStudy analyzes health plans, specific geographic healthcare markets and the managed Medicare and Medicaid markets to produce databases and reports that give healthcare businesses ready-access to the information needed for strategic and tactical planning. The HealthLeaders-InterStudy analysts and researchers are long-term specialists in their healthcare markets. Learn More

Manhattan Research

Vital Physician and Consumer Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

Manhattan Research is a healthcare market research and advisory services firm, bringing clarity to the market forces, trends and impacts of physician and consumer use of information technology, including next generation digital media such as social networking, blogs, podcasts and Web 2.0. Through analysis of Manhattan Research’s trended, proprietary data sets, the company’s analysts provide global pharmaceutical companies with the insight necessary to strategically plan and market existing and future therapies. Learn More

Vital Medical Technology Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

Millennium Research Group (MRG) is a leading provider of strategic information to the healthcare sector. Focused solely on the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, MRG provides its clients with the benefits of its specialized industry expertise through published reports, comprehensive databases and customized consulting services. Learn More


Vital Market Access Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

PharmaStrat is the leading consulting and market research services firm focused on issues related to reimbursement and organized customer segments for biopharmaceutical manufacturers. The Company delivers strategic perspectives and market insight solutions that proactively address challenges and opportunities for portfolio and pipeline products. The PharmaStrat team translates expertise in complex managed care and reimbursement issues into clear, actionable strategic and tactical direction and competitive advantage for the healthcare industry. Learn More


Vital Managed Markets Insights and Analytics for Experts from Experts

Pinsonault is dedicated to and focused on delivering high quality, Managed Markets specific, business and training solutions within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  Learn More